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Beautiful Spaces

At H2O Pools we pride ourselves in designing pools which are amazing, not just functional.  We believe they need to be inspired to stimulate your creativity.  We feel a swimming pool should be the focal point of a home; it should be the fun hub!  We aim to fashion a lifestyle experience, a happy place where you can play, entertain or just relax.  When we craft a convergence of inviting water spaces, lush vegetation and innovative outdoor living areas, we create a delightful environment.  Meticulous planning at the design phase, coupled with great attention to detail during the construction stage ensures our swimming pool creations are stylish, stunning and beautiful.


The Design/Construction Marriage

A significant strength of H2O Pools is that the director has both design and construction expertise. This is a rare but vital union - one without the other leaves the process inept. Good design must respond to the existing site conditions. It also needs to heed the client’s brief - it must embody their desires and values. Good design should be dynamic, exciting, energetic and vibrant. Very importantly, it must also be personal. A good pool design needs to integrate all of the structures and components to form one seamless beautiful space. Then it is imperative to have the construction expertise to convert the design solution into a stunning reality.



The director of H2O Pools is a licensed residential builder who has been involved in construction for more than 20 years – that’s peace of mind. Experience brings knowledge, knowledge brings skill and skill delivers outstanding quality.


Customer Service

As H2O Pools is a family run business, you are dealing with the owner, not the office administrator, salesperson, site foreman, area supervisor or the state manager! We listen to our client’s needs and wants and then develop innovative designs to help them realise their vision. Rather than being volume orientated we pride ourselves on building fewer, higher quality in-ground concrete swimming pools guaranteeing our customers feel valued, connected and informed.


Value for Money

AT H2O Pools, delivering value for money is a fundamental part of what we do. It is vital that our customers are provided with the best quality product at the best price. Our view is that anything less is just short sighted. We understand that building a pool requires a substantial financial commitment and so we appreciate the need to provide good value.